What is Symphony of the Earth?

Symphony of the Earth is a two-hour environmental feature film which harnesses the power of music to effect powerful global change. We are collaborating with some of the world’s most prolific musicians to deliver vital messages in song. It is a unique film project which empowers humanity to live in harmony with all of life on earth.

We believe that the universal language of music can unite the world and inspire action. It has been scientifically proven that sound alone can create structural changes in water molecules. Imagine the global changes sound could create when today’s leading musicians unite together on one project?

With the help of iconic artists we are creating a musical feature film which is finally giving our planet’s wildlife a voice.

At a time when biodiversity is disappearing at an alarmingly rapid rate and humanity is becoming increasingly detached from the natural world, the time to act is now. Not tomorrow, but today! But we cannot do this alone. We require leading innovators, creatives and musicians to come together to inspire new ways of thinking using music and sound. Symphony of the Earth is making this vision possible.

If you stepped into any wild place right now, be it a jungle, desert, coastline or arctic region, your senses would be enveloped by animal sounds. Birds, mammals, frogs, reptiles, insects and marine life all produce unique sounds to communicate to each other and ensure the survival of their species.

Music is playing non-stop in the natural world, but we are too caught up in the noise of modern living to slow down and really listen.

Until now.

Symphony of the Earth is creating an entirely new genre of music that will use a rich diversity of animal sounds as instruments. Every sound in a conventional orchestra can be found in the wild – strings, percussion, woodwind and brass – but these wild sounds have never been documented to be arranged by composers into songs. Symphony of the Earth not only reveals how man and nature can live in harmony, but also how they can be creative collaborators.

While our planet is undergoing an environmental crisis, technology continues to advance rapidly and shape our lives. As a result, we now have the opportunity to utilise this technology to deliver a powerful conservation message that puts the animals themselves centre stage. Now we can convey how the degradation of our planet is affecting all aspects of our lives using an approach that has never been attempted before. We are revealing the impacts that war, pollution, deforestation and population are having on biodiversity and humanity. We highlight our concern for humanity and future generations if we do nothing.