Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring about a global shift in consciousness and awareness through the music and voices of the creatures of the Earth. We will highlight the world’s animals to raise a new awareness and appreciation of how important animals and the environment are to our planet and our future existence.

We will support new and innovative ways of thinking to help the Earth, its people, its plants and its animals. We will promote the rehabilitation and regeneration of the planet through projects, education and action. We will unite the world’s environmental organisations that share our vision and give them a powerful voice.
We will do whatever we can to inspire people with music and the arts to be a part of the positive change needed to save and protect our Earth. We will not support greed, ego driven entities or small mindedness. We will not compromise our values or our vision to accommodate conflicting thought patterns and agendas.

We as a team share these values….

Love, Inspiration, Empathy, Abundance, Creation, Beauty, Equality, Conservation, Forgiveness.

All profits and donations received will be reinvested back into our projects so that we may continue to educate and create sustainability. We are committed to the promotion of inspiration, peace, harmony and unity on earth to all races, cultures, religions and creeds.

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