“Eye Sage” ArtLite


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The “Eye Sage” ArtLite

Only 20 limited edition ArtLites have been designed to cradle the rare crystal art celluloid positives by Academy and Emmy award winning photographer Dr. Jim Frazier

Encased in acrylic, these never before release images are a proprietary art form that produces surreal landscapes from lush tropical foliage, to an arctic wilderness or bizarre extraterrestrial images. The technique requires crystals to be dissolved in different solutions and upon reforming they are manipulated using an array of different procedures. Tiny brushes and small implements are used and a range of   temperatures is employed to alter the natural growth rate and structure.

Designed with a special chamber to house the artwork when being transported the ArtLite is a exceptional talking point addition to any home or office.

Dimensions: W 130 x D 130 x H 90 mm

Included is a LED light with wire and twin pin plug.


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