Get Involved



Get Involved

Consciousness is shifting right now. Everything is evolving to a higher frequency. You can either be a part of the change or you can stay where you are. This project requires you to start listening and being aware of the sounds around you. This planet is precious and needs your help.

Things you can do right now:

  • Join our Friends of Symphony mailing list (above) to be kept up-to-date on happenings
  • Donate at least $10 and become a Member of Symphony of the Earth (click here)
  • Become a Volunteer on the Symphony team (contact us at this email address.
  • Become an Ambassador for Symphony of the Earth (application process required)
  • Share our YouTube videos to build awareness (on the “SOTE TV” page)
  • Like our Facebook Page at
  • Keep an eye out for local speaking events Jim will be speaking at
  • Book Jim Frazier as a keynote speaker
  • Purchase Jim Frazier’s signed butterfly book – see the dedicated page
  • Host a nature photography event (contact us)


Jim and Shane congratulating our new ambassadors to Symphony of the Earth

Jim and Shane McLeay (our previous CEO) congratulating our new Ambassadors of Symphony of the Earth.