Justified Mess

London-based artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster have taken the idea of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ to a whole new level. Using everyday objects that would otherwise end up as landfill, such as cans, scrap metal, animal carcasses and even dildos (lol), the innovative duo have created sculptures that form amazing shadow projections when light is pointed at them.

The sculptures are an exploration of perceptual psychology and challenge the viewer to see that which our society wastes in a whole new eerrr light (ahem!). A hideous pile of trash is transformed into silhouettes of Tim and Sue enjoying a drink and smoke, a pile of scrap metal becomes a pair of rats making love, and a table of empty cans create a city on the wall.

And suddenly the chaos of mess on my bedroom floor has the potential to become something beautiful. Excuse me while I attempt to assemble all this crap into transformative art so I’ll never have to clean my room again. I’ll call my piece “Justified Mess”.

This could take me a while, so in the meantime, prepare to have your mind blown by these images….

blog2image01 blog2image03 blog2image04 blog2image05 blog2image06 blog2image07 blog2image08 blog2image09 blog2image10 blog2image11 blog2image12 blog2image13 blog2image14 blog2image15 blog2image16 blog2image17 blog2image18 blog2image19 blog2image20 blog2image21 blog2image22

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