Close Encounters… an early sample of what is to come in Symphony Of The Earth:


The incredible song of the Pied Butcher Bird:


Little Blue Planet… A story of young Jim Frazier and his love of this planet:


Hear Our Call… A musical call out to help create Jim’s vision of Symphony Of The Earth:


Cicadas… The sounds of brass in nature:


Jim and his early collaborators’ dreams for Symphony Of The Earth:


David Attenborough speaks about when Jim first told him of his new lens.Jim won an Emmy and an Oscar, amongst other awards, for his invention:


The Aussie Who Baffled The World (AKA The Impossible Lens)… Trailer for the documentary feature about Jim Frazier.:


Jim is interviewed on Channel Nine by David Campbell & Georgie Gardner:


Jim’s interview on ABC’s program Talking Heads with Peter Thompson:


Jim’s interview on 3AW with Tom Elliott:


Jim’s Skype interview with SOTE Co-Founder, Rachel Dunn – Tips On Filming Wildlife:


GBO Promotional video showing the power of Jim’s revolutionary Frazier Lens System:


The 1987 Documentary Feature “Sounds Like Australia”… Early experiments by Jim and collaborators into what SOTE will be:


Australian Attitudes Towards Wildlife – Jim Frazier & Densey Clyne:


“Our World” article on Jim Frazier and Densey Clyne:

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