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Are you sick of having depressing climate change messages shoved in your ears at every turn? Do you reach for the remote every time you see a desperate looking polar bear on TV? Does the term “rising CO2 levels” make you want to raise your glass of something hard to your lips to forget what you just heard?

Yes? I see a lot of nodding heads. Yep, we’re pretty damn sick of it too.

Whoooaaaa, but isn’t SOE all about saving the planet and stuff?

Well yes, damn straight we are. But we’re not taking the sad-face, boogyman-will-get-you, guilt-tripping approach, because really, what has that achieved so far? According to the latest report from the Global Carbon Project, our emissions have increased by 2.1% over the last year. This year’s IPCC report revealed that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen by 40% since the pre-industrial era. On top of that, it also looks like sea levels will rise up to 82cm by 2100. In other words, we’re still sitting around drinking hard stuff pretending not to notice that the ice cubes in our glasses of hard stuff are melting quicker than they used to.

Your face right now is kinda O_o

Still with us? Good. Here’s where it gets better.

Here at SOE, we believe that the world can be changed through the power of music and film, because who doesn’t love a bit of sound, colour and movement? We would much rather inspire you into action than scare you into it. No place for horror movies here kids.

And our blog here is going to do just that. Here will we be sharing what interesting things are being done to help the environment from all over the world. We will also be interviewing inspiring people, sharing tips on how you can help, and other stuff that is just damn cool.

So let’s lift our glasses of rapidly melting ice cubes and say cheers to that!

Stay tuned.

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